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- The site is now back online after a temporary hiatus!
- Updated the Tip Jar
- Added 2 templates
- Added 8 graphics
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- Added the More Websites section
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- Added the Tip Jar
- Added the Templates section
- Added 119 templates
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- Added the What's New? section
- Added back buttons
- Added 149 favicons
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- Added 1 DNI banner
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- Added 4 etc text
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- Added 2 graphics
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Silly Websites!

Man In The DarkPointerpointerPink Trombone
A bare-handed speech synthesizer.
Orb Farm
Cultivate a watery pixel aquarium!
Clown Cafe
Receive support from a strange, familiar-looking clown.
Long Doge ChallengeMondrian And MeStaggering Beauty
Warning! Contains flashing images.
Smash The WallsJackson Pollock
Digitally paint like Jason Pollock.
Random Color
Loads a random color. Refresh for another.
The Zen Zone
Take a few minutes to relax with these zen minigames.
hacker typerDrawing GardenCrouton
Yep. That's a crouton.
Unicode Snowman For YouRemojiLacquer Lacquer
Paint some digital nails.
Pixels Fighting
Watch pixels fight!
Pug In A Rug
How long can you admire the pug in a rug?
Is My Computer On?
Best viewed on a computer.
Yeah LemonsBuild ShruggieTunnel Snakes Rule!Wowen Wilson
Guess which Wilson wow is from which movie.
The PidgeonBouncing DVD LogoToilet Paper
Scroll through endless toilet paper.
Is It Christmas?
Well, is it?
Not Day Of The Week
It's NOT this day of the week.
Pointer GameAm I Alright?
Are you alright?
Find out what others were doing at your age.
The World's Dumbest GameWhat Song Defines Your Life?Endless Horse
It just... kepps going!
Fidget Spinner
Play with a virtual fidget spinner.
Koalas To The Max
So many koalas...
Bury Me With My MoneyLaughing Ostrich
An ostrich that laughs.
Open This Window
Open it!
Doughnut KittenNyan Cat
Meow meow meow meow...
Pie Is GoodPickle Donkey Knife
Pickle. Donkey. Knife.
Is It Friday Yet?
Is it...?
Flappy 2048
A combination of the classic games Flappy Bird and 2048.
Taco SpinThe Best DinosaurNoot Noot
Noot noot!
Chihuahua SpinHector SalamancaClick To RemovePotatoPls Pet Doge
Pls pet him.
Skull Trumpet
Doot doot.
Leaf Of The DayCorndog On CorndogHardcore Prawn LawnCan't Not Tweet ThisThis Person Does Not Exist
AI-Generated humans.
Emoji Tracker
This site tracks how many times certain emojis are used on Twitter.
I Am Awesome
I am!
Window Swap
Swap window views from around the globe.
Falling FallingCameron's World
Take a look into the recent online past.
Arr Gee Bee
Warning! Contains flashing images. Interactive RGB letters.
Bongo Cat
Play instruments with bongo cat!
Towards And BeyondOut Of OrderPointer GameName A Color
A collaborative effort to name every color in the RGB/web space.

My Favorites!!

The Simulator
A mini life simulator from 1997.
Several fun and/or educational minigames.

Site-Building Resources!

Free custom icons.
Cool Text Generator
A simple and free text generator.
Glitter Text Generator
Make glittery animated text with this generator.
PetPet Generator
Make a petting gif of anything.

Useful Websites!

A tool to bypass most paywalls.
This To That
What to use when gluing two things together.
My Fridge Food
List what ingredients you have on hand and this site will give you recipes to cook.
Have I Been Pwned?
Check if your online accounts have been released in a data breach.
You Feel Like Sh*t
A game that guides you through a series of questions to help you practice self care.
Just The Recipe
Paste in the URL and get just the recipe as a result. No life story or adverts.
Remove Background
A fast and accurate way to remove backgrounds from your pictures.
TOS Didn't Read
Provides a quick summary of the Terms Of Service, plus a privacy rating.
Does The Dog Die?
Tracks different content of movies and shows, you can check if a particular one has content you don't want seeing.
A free, open source password manager.
WayBack Machine
Library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, etc.
The best language translation tool on the web.
DBT Resources
Resources for dialectical behavioral therapy.
Photoshop, but completely free.
Direct links to delete accounts.
Online Harassment Field ManuelCan I Play That?
Notes the accessibility of video games.
Flip A Coin
Right what it says on the box.
It's Not Its
When to use it's or its.
One Day You'll Find Yourself
An ebook of advice.
Seasons 1-3 Of NBC's Hannibal
With one click, this will remove all the useless software Windows comes with.
HD Audio Books
Listen and download audiobooks for free.
Good And Cheap
A cookbook of delicious recipes designed for people who live off of foodstamps.

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NOTE: due to my conflict of being a system and having psychosis, these characters may be kins, alter sources, and/or delusional beliefs.


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